In addition to wedding photography, I am also a Triage Nurse based in Richmond, Virginia. I have a passion for people in both my roles as a Photographer, and Registered Nurse. I feel so lucky to work with amazing humans during some of the most important moments of their lives, and honored that I am trusted to do so in both my careers.

When there’s not a camera in my hand, and I’m not wearing scrubs, I consider myself a self-proclaimed foodie. I love to travel, and explore new places with my husband by eating my way through them.

My idea of a perfect evening includes cooking a new recipe I found on Tik Tok, then cuddling up on the couch with my hubby & dogs, a bottle of wine, and shamelessly indulging in a reality TV show.
Weekends are spent watching football, even if our teams are rivals (Who Dey!), and we plan a lot of getaways to Baltimore to see games live.

I am so happy you’re here!

Hello, Friend

how I like to treat myself

just a 'lil treat

I try to avoid it during the week, but on the weekend, there’s nothing like a crisp Diet Coke
*insert lecture on how Diet Coke is bad for you here*

You’ll never catch me without my nails done. I get them painted every month, and it’s my version of colorful self care. 

Most Fridays after my barre class, I get Mcdonald’s. My order- A McChicken, fries (with extra salt), and a DC. I know, I’m a Nutritionist’s dream, but everything in moderation right?

Whenever I stop by Trader Joe’s, I can’t help but buy myself flowers. I love making floral arrangements to put around the house.

I mentioned my dogs before, but I adopted Porter, then Ellie, now add my husband’s dog, Chip, and I think that might officially makes me a Crazy Dog Lady!

Each have their own special personality, and I could not imagine life without these scruffy mutts, and if it was up to me, I’d rescue a hundred more.

My Fur Family

My first dog child, I rescued Porter from the Richmond SPCA and lovingly refer to him as “Short Boy.”

His hobbies include messing up my blinds to see outside and “guard” the house, and whistling (his version of whining) to demand belly rubs.


Ellie was found at 3lbs, severely emaciated, and hairless due to mange. HEART inc. in Hopewell saved her life, and luckily, she still loves every human she meets!

Her hobbies include perching on the back of the couch cushions like a parrot, sunbathing in any patch of sun she can find, and defending the yard against any squirrel who dare enter it.


Chip completes our Brady Bunch, and was adopted by my Husband from the Richmond SPCA.

His hobby includes scouting out any available treats, napping (and snoring loudly), and hiding out from thunderstorms in our closet.


Danny “The Dogmation,” was a service dog for one of the patients dearest to my heart. Over the years I cared for my patient, I also bonded with Danny. I am so honored that she trusted me with her best friend.

 Danny passed away in February 2021. There wasn’t one person who met Danny that didn’t love him. He truly was the sweetest and most cuddly boy (although, he didn’t know his size), and I miss him every day. 


dog photos by Stephanie Axtell Photography

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